TS Event Recorder

dS-TSER is able to record a group of Transport Streams (up to 8) coming from DVB-ASI or TS/UDP/IP. The system is able to continuously record the input MPTSs and to start or stop from external commands. The system is also able to extract and generate SPTS for each service in the MPTSs and to record separate TSs for each event according to the information in the EITs.The interface of the system is DVB-ASI and/or TS/UDP/IP for the input Transport Streams and FTP/XML for the external commands.


dS-TSER is perfect for cost-effective solutions for IPTV platforms and also monitoring and control of DVB networks. It is able to record in parallel up to 8 Transport Streams.

The configuration and control is done via FTP/XML file and also local configuration files. The system also has a Web Service interface for remote commands.

Key features

  • Multiple input Transport Stream recording
  • Dual input: DVB-ASI and/or TS/UDP/IP
  • External commands for remote control
  • Up to 8 MPTS parallel recording
  • SPTS regeneration from MPTS services
  • Recording from events in EITs
  • 24/7 operation


  • 8 Parallel input TS recording in single equipment
  • 24/7 recording
  • Remote commands, File, FTP, XML, Web Service
  • Separate TSs according to events in EPG
  • Control of reported errors in network operators

Technical features


  • Up to 8 MPTS recording
  • SPTS generation from MPTS
  • Separate TSs from EPG events
  • Auto-delete old files
  • Remote commands from FTP/XML

HW options

  • R-IPx4: Redundant IP ctrl/data
  • R-IP+2ASI: Redundant with 2 DVB-ASI in/out ports
  • R-IP+4ASI: Redundant with 4 DVB-ASI in/out ports
  • R-IP+8ASI: Redundant with 8 DVB-ASI in/out ports
  • PS8: 48v power supply