Multi-format Transcoder server

dS-TRC is a powerful server that is able to automatically transcode media files into multiple format and publish them automatically into CDNs of web hosting. dS-TRC is very convenient for media production companies and broadcasters that need to deliver content in multiple formats, qualities in bitrates.By means of a simple configuration process, all the incoming files dropped in a system directory are automatically transcoded and published into the CDN or web hosting provider facilities.
It also supports the automated creation of thumbnails and insertion of metadata into encoded files.dS-TRC is sold embedded in a 1RU server with different configurations. Based on Linux OS, the system runs in virtualized servers that can be deployed according to user needs taking full advantage of the parallelized multi-core CPU processing capacity.


dS-TRC is a very useful for multiplatform content providers that need to deliver multiple format versions of the same content. Also broadcasters that want to re-use existing broadcasted content for archiving, catch-up or webcasting and need to transcode their content.

The simplicity of operation and the capacity to increase the system performance according to the company needs makes dS-TRC the perfect tool for small-medium companies to large corporations.

Key features

  • O.S. Linux based
  • Thumbnail generator
  • Multi-format transcoding with high performance and quality
  • Converting between most popular audio and video formats
  • Content metadata insertion through XML files
  • Support for distribution as a virtual machine
  • Multi-threaded transcoding and job-level parallelization
  • Automated publishing process


  • Simple and convenient multiformat publishing
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Faster than realtime
  • Highly parallelizable
  • Multiple hardware options available
  • Simple configuration vs. flexibility

Technical features


  • Automated multi file transcoding
  • Transcoding from/to the most popular video codecs
  • XML metadata insertion
  • Thumbnail generation
  • 1 RU server
  • Scalable by virtualization


  • Automated transcoding from drop file directory
  • Easy configuration through config files
  • Flexibility in coding parameters


  • Multiformat video/audio input files
  • XML metadata to be inserted
  • Ease interface with automated processes


  • Multiple format coding
  • Automated upload to content delivery servers
  • Automated thumbnail generation
  • Inserted metadata in files

HW options

  • TRCx1: cost-effective server with 1 transcoder (*)
  • TRCx2: cost-effective server with 2 parallel transcoder (*)
  • R-TRCx4: high performance redundant server with 4 parallel transcoders (**)
  • R-TRCx8: high performance redundant server with 8 parallel transcoders (**)